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CloudSec Audits


Cloud computing allows computational power, IT infrastructure, applications, and business processes to be delivered to customers via on-demand.

Cloud computing is offered through various service models - IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and could be deployed in a public cloud, private cloud or combination of both (hybrid cloud). A cloud comprises of a combination of computer hardware, networks, storage and services. Cloud services range from hosted software, IT infrastructure, data storage to IoT solutions. Cloud users range from end users who are unaware of underlying technology; to the organisation’s management team which is responsible for the IT governance of data in the Cloud; and the cloud service providers, which provide and guarantee the service levels and security to their customer.

If your company is using the Cloud to store or process its core data, then there is a whole realm of security and controls issue that need to be thoroughly audited by experienced individuals to ensure all institutional risks are identified.

At Secloud Guru, we have experience with performing Cloud-based audits. We ensure your company understands all security aspects, which are implemented via the controls environment that protects your data in the Cloud. During our cloud audit, we specifically test all of the compliance driven areas compared against industry ‘Best’ practice to ensure risks are identified so they can be remediated.

Our unique audit methodology has been well crafted and derived from combination of CSA CCM (Cloud Control Matrix), ISACA Cloud Audit/Assurance Program, ISO Standards (27001, 27017 & 27018), global privacy regulations, NIST cyber security framework & CIS Benchmarks

We further customise it for each customer according to their geographic location and applicable laws, regulations and standards.

This increases your company’s security posture and meets compliance driven regulations that external auditors will want to see, as ‘Evidence’ during an external audit. If your company has specific requirements that need to be met based on regulation(s), Secloud Guru can help.


Identity & Access Management

Infrastructure Security

Application Security

Data Security


Security Monitoring

Vulnerability Management

Governance, Risk & Compliance



In Cloud computing, data is separated from infrastructure and there are many operational factors and controls that exist which need to be thoroughly examined. These operational differences in the Cloud give rise to a unique set of security and privacy issues that directly impacts your organization’s risk management practices. There are also many new legal issues in the areas of compliance, auditing, and eDiscovery, as they relate to the Cloud. If you are unsure how to test the security of your Cloud, let Secloud LLC’s experienced staff members assist with auditing your organization’s Cloud. We have extensive experience in performing Cloud-based audits.

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CloudSec Ondemand


At Secloud Guru, we understand that organizations are finding it difficult to engage full-time cloud security consultants. There are number of reasons. There is shortage of cloud security talent in the industry and this gap is widening as more and more organizations move their infrastructure to cloud. Secondly, you do not need a full-time consultant.

Therefore, we have developed this service where you can get cloud security services that is charged hourly, man-days or fixed amount. Now, whether you want to take on-board a cloud security expert for secure cloud migration or you need a consultant to meet compliance or design a data security architecture, Secloud Guru is there to assist you.

Some of the areas where Secloud Guru gives consulting are:

·       Vendor Assessment and contract review

·       Secure Cloud Migration

·       Identity & Access Management

·       Data Protection

·       Risk Management

·       AWS Security

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